Terms And Conditions

By submitting proposals to the African News Innovation Challenge, the applicant represents to the African Media Initiative (AMI) that:

  1. The work is solely that of the applicant or people working with the applicant who makes these same representations to AMI.
  2. The applicant has not infringed on the rights of anyone else in creating the work.
  3. The applicant indemnifies AMI against any claim of infringement of rights by others.
  4. AMI is under no obligation to fund or otherwise have a future relationship with the applicant. If it does choose to have a relationship, AMI may suggest various kinds of relationships, including contracts, grants, loans, program-related investments, or other kinds of investments and relationships.
  5. Applicants receiving an African News Innovation Challenge award will have to license the intellectual property created under a GNU General Public License for software or a Creative Commons license for non-software.
  6. Applicants receiving ANIC awards will have to abide by the terms and conditions of their award agreement. Examples of agreements for different types of support include grants and project related investments.

AMI will consider, on request, ways to keep ideas confidential during the application process. Please contact AMI if you have major concerns about protecting your ideas or initiatives so that we can see if we can work with you to achieve your objectives.

Our Mission

To support digital innovation and experimentation that seeks to improve the quality and impact of African journalism by using new digital tools and techniques for ‘making’ news, new ways for audiences to engage with news, and new models for media organisations to sustain themselves.