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You must either be based in Africa, or have an African partner to be eligible for a grant from the African News Innovation Challenge (ANIC).

Finding the right partner, who can contribute meaningfully and who can help scale your ideas, is crucial to the success of any venture. But, reaching out across the world never not easy. The organisation behind ANIC, the African Media Initiative (AMI), is happy to help you find potential partners.

AMI is Africa’s largest umbrella association of media owners and executives. It also has national or regional media associations and journalist bodies as associate members, and is a close partner of many of the region’s leading media development agencies. These networks give AMI unique insight into who and where Africa’s digital media pioneers are.

AMI is also spearheading the establishment of 20 chapters across Africa. This grassroots network seeks to bring together tech savvy journalists (‘hacks’) with technologists who appreciate the power of narrative content and audience engagement.

AMI would be happy to help connect you with potential partners. In doing so, neither AMI nor ANIC are in any way endorsing the individuals, organisations or ideas.

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Our Mission

To support digital innovation and experimentation that seeks to improve the quality and impact of African journalism by using new digital tools and techniques for ‘making’ news, new ways for audiences to engage with news, and new models for media organisations to sustain themselves.